The SFTP server can be used to access most of the data on the UMCG cluster. Please download only the minimum files you need and download compressed versions of the files when available (usually available for all plain text files). Details on how to use the sftp server can be found here:


There 2 kind of access to the gonl SFTP server: personal access and gonlsv access. Personal access gives access to almost all data, while gonlsv only gives access to a limited subset of the data. For gonlsv users who need access to specific data that is not available with their privileges, you should send an email to someone at UMCG to request the data; upon approval, access to the data will be provided. Additional personal ssh or sftp accounts can be requested via Morris who keeps the list of all users that have full data access.

gonlsv users


Root of the SFTP for people using the gonlsv limited account.


Contains all the information about the A4 test trio, including all the raw and aligned data.


Data fro the pilot, including aligned BAMs and SNPs.


GoNL resources tarball (Thanks Freerk!)


This is where everyone has write permissions. This directory should be used for data exchange.

personal users

Personal users should use /target/gpfs2/gcc/groups/gonl/ as the root of their session and refer to this page for the description of the folder structure and data: DataManagement/ProjectData

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