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Working group on Imputation

We have started a working group on imputations to develop a best practice based pipeline that will perform well on the compute resources we will be using. For now the documents are only visible to project members. If you want to get access contact David or Morris.


Current members are:

  • Morris Swertz
  • Jouke-Jan Hottenga
  • Mathijs Kattenberg
  • Elisa van Leeuwen
  • Alexandros Kanterakis
  • Ilja Nolte
  • Tom Visser
  • David van Enckevort

For communications we use the mailing list gonl-impute@…, this wiki and Skype. We will have regular Skype meetings to discuss progress. Use the mailing list for discussions and the wiki for sharing and reporting. We use the NBIC GoNL trac repository ( for sharing scripts etc. that are not ready for publication and we have a SFTP location ( for sharing large data (account information on request - ask on the list).

Skype meeting minutes