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This page lists accompanying data meaning not rawdata nor results for specific projects, but things like, logos, forms, poster templates, etc. Some files are available in multiple formats:

  • PDF = Portable Document Format
  • AI = Adobe Illustrator
  • PDF||AI Genome of the Netherlands logo.
  • PDF||AI QR-code.
  • EPS||PNG BBMRI logo.

Poster template

The following poster template is available for Adobe InDesign. It contains some example content from the imputation work for GoNL by Patrick, Alex, et. al. Feel free to modify the template for your needs, but make sure to keep the obligatory:

This research was financially supported by BBMRI-NL, a Research Infrastructure financed by the Dutch government (NWO 184.021.007)

Presentation template

PowerPoint presentation template: GoNL presentation template.potx


  • PDF||AI GoNL data sources flowchart.
  • PDF||AI GONL alignment pipeline flowchart.
  • PDF||AI North-South gradient graph based on principal component analysis of ImmunoChip data: PC1 is plotted versus PC2 (averages per province of origin).

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