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BGI datasets

TODO: More info on statistic and how to access the dataset will be added here.

  • Pilot phase: 60 samples, 180 lanes. 183 lanes in total due to rerun.
  • 2st batch: 90 samples, 295 lanes.
  • 3rd batch: 222 samples, 683 lanes, 10TB

BGI will shared with us: SNP calling results (VCF), SOAP format for indels.

Data location

Batch Samples Lanes Size Groningen storage Grid storage Additional sites Analysis site
1st batch aka Pilot phase 60 183 yes yes (vlemed) UMGC, AMC (for comparison)
2st batch 90 295 yes yes (vlemed) AMC
3rd batch 222 683 10TB yes no UMGC
4th batch 235 630 10TB yes yes ( Hubrecht, EMC LUMC/TUdelft, UMGC, Hubrecht, EMC
5th batch 153 no no data has arrived, not on storage yet
6th batch 10 no