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1BBMRI-NL user Code of Conduct.
3The following is the Code of Conduct that users agree to abide by as an Approved User of the BBMRI-NL Collaborative Organization (CO).
4Failure to abide by any term within this Code of Conduct results in revocation of approved access to all datasets obtained through BBMRI-NL.
6BBMRI-NL projects work with sensitive data that is provided by contributing biobanks.
7This data is property of the contributing biobanks, and shall not be used for any analyses unless explicit permission has been granted by BBMRI to perform predefined analyses.
8Specifically, users will work according to the following rules:
1001. User will use requested datasets solely in connection with the research project described in the approved Data Access Request for each dataset.
1102. User's permission to access BBMRI-NL data is strictly personal and cannot be transferred under any circumstance.
1203. User will perform all analyses solely on the infra structure explicitly approved by BBMRI-NL ensuring data security.
1304. User will ensure that all data used/generated are solely accessible by the himself/herself and other members of the BBMRI-NL CO.
1405. User will refrain from downloading data to any other system not approved by BBMRI-NL.
1506. User is aware that all activities with regards to viewing and downloading data will be monitored at the level of individual user.
1607. User will make no attempt to identify or contact individual participants from whom these data were collected.
1708. User will not distribute BBMRI-NL data to any entity or individual.
1809. User will adhere to computer security practices that ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access to data files.
1910. User will not submit for publication or any other form of public dissemination analyses or other reports on work using or referencing datasets prior to written permission by BBMRI-NL.
2011. User acknowledges BBMRI-NL in any publication.
2112. Investigator will report any inadvertent data release, breach of data security, or other data management incidents contrary to the terms of data access to
23I read and understand the Code of Conduct.
24I declare that I will act accordingly.